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Everything is not ok…

I can’t tell you how much I love this image. It was in the weekly brain pickings (You do subscribe to brain pickings, right? It’s wonderful – always full of chewy, interesting things.)

Anyway, everything is not ok but some things will be, so this seems pertinent right now. My life is not how I’d wish it to be. It is not how I ever imagined it. I am not ok. But, ya know, I will be. Probably.


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  1. Oh I really hope things will become more okay for you. Thanks for sharing the picture, it makes sense.

  2. Hope things get on a more even keel for you soon. Great image. If it's any consolation, I can relate.

  3. I hope things *will* be okay, even if they aren't right now x

  4. Wish I could beam you out of the not-OK-ness for some very OK writing just for you time, and meanwhile wave the not-OK-ness away. Alas, get your brolly up, if you can, and let the not-OK-ness bounce off until you can see a way through it.

  5. Wishing you as many OK things as possible. More than now. xxx


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