National Flash Fiction Day Competition

I love flash fiction when it’s done well, where every word counts and a life is glimpsed, and I was pleased to be one of the judges for this competition. There were almost 300 entries and every one was read by each of the judges. The winner is a fab story by Angela Readman – “The Worst Head in the World” and the Top 10 list (which can be read here) features all kinds of excellent words. Go, read, enjoy.

Just to clarify – all the stories were anonymous; names were taken off and formatting made identical by Calum Kerr before he sent them to the judges.

4 thoughts on “National Flash Fiction Day Competition”

  1. Angela's story is perfect – it's visual & funny with a darkness to it too. Rachel – I will say that I LOVE judging as I'm such an opinionated person! I was clear on which to say Yes and No to – the hardest part was all the quite good/nearly there ones. There were 5 judges and we all sent in our top lists and Calum applied scores accordingly. There were two other flashes that I thought superb and if I'd been the only judge they'd have made the list.

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