Flash fiction at The Irish Times

It’s lovely to hear that The Irish Times will regularly be featuring flash fiction, I think it’s an ideal form for newspapers. I’m extremely chuffed that my tiny story “Blown Away” was published in this weekend’s edition, especially as my Irish dad is proper proud of me now.

11 thoughts on “Flash fiction at The Irish Times”

  1. Yeah Sara, me too, I hope you got my tweet about how much I enjoyed your story. I agree it's an ideal format to provide a lot of interesting and diverse literary content in forms shorter than the average article. It's brilliant.

  2. Hi Alison, yes, I glowed when I got your tweet – I did send a reply of thanks but perhaps that went missing in the tweetersphere. Flash can be such a good "filler" in a way. It'd be cool to see tiny fictions throughout weekend papers, arts sections and so on. Cough cough at the Guardian, for instance. Good on The Irish Times.

  3. I just learned about this feature last week. Yes, good for the Irish Times and heartfelt congratulations, Sara. Brava to Alison and Nuala, too, for the article which sparked all of this a few weeks back, which again I just recently learned about and read.I smiled so hard, Sara, when you mentioned your dad and his reaction to this good news and your story. The only time my dad ever visited me in San Francisco was twelve years ago and during his stay The Irish Times published a scene I subbed as part of their multiple-authors-write-a-story competition judged by Brendan Kennelly.When my dad saw my name and entry pubbed in the Irish Times he grinned from ear-to-ear. I doubt anything I've done or will ever do again will matter so much to him. I subbed a flash to them a few days ago, but believe I did it more for my dad than for me! I hope, again for him truly more than me, they accept it. Yes, there's still that little girl inside me desperate for her parents' approval.Amazing and wonderful and perhaps frightening how much weight and prestige The Irish Times still carries in the country 🙂 Well done, Sara!

  4. Thanks Nuala and Tania.Ethel – I was surprised myself at how happy I was that I could make my dad proud. I couldn't wait to tell him – I guess we do hang on to some of that childish desire to impress our parents, despite being independent,despite being older, despite having kids of our own. I hope your sub gets published soon and you get to make your own dad smile!Hey Lane, it *is* good news, eh? And yes, more prose poetry ish perhaps. I like the word "storylet".

  5. Well done on the publication of your article! Really enjoyed reading it and thought I would seek out your blog to read some other pieces 🙂 You've actually inspired me to send some work in myself…although I will have to write something first! I am really growing to love the flash fiction format. A quick question – Did the Irish Times contact you before the article was published? Or did you wake up one day and find it that it was that day's choice? (A nice surprise!)

  6. Hi Alan, thanks for your comment. Actually I had no idea that my piece was in the paper until a friend kindly texted me. Good luck writing your own. Flash is a wonderful form to play with.

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