One thing vs. another vs. another.

Heavy demands on my time this year mean I don’t get to participate in online groups and discussions in the same way I have in the past. I do still google read many blogs but it’s easier to whizz through and kid myself I’m keeping up than stop and comment. So, I’m a lousy blog pal but I do still read, and I comment when I can.

A few posts recently interested me. One from Vanessa Gebbie’s blog entitledThe Thorny Issue of Writers and their Muses, and the Sex thereof…

I did write a lengthy response on Vanessa’s blog but it got eaten up not once but twice. Darn. 
She’s a skilled writer so I assume she made deliberate word choices here.

And Suzi Feay asked women writers to perhaps “…(take) one for the Sisterhood” over at her blog.

Interesting reading. 

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