I am not gracious in defeat!

Well, I didn’t win the Short Fiction competition. One is supposed to be gracious in defeat but, frankly, bollocks to that. I am disappointed and In A Bad Mood. Why wouldn’t I be? My story has not been judged the best. Subjective as that always is, I would prefer my story to be considered the winner. That’s normal, right? Why don’t I ever read sulky posts by other bloggy writer people? It’s impolite maybe. I am being rude. Or unprofessional, perhaps. Ach, whatever.

I’m not so sulky that I can’t congratulate Jill Widner and the runners up, Jo Cannon and Louis Malloy though. Congratulations!

12 thoughts on “I am not gracious in defeat!”

  1. Hard luck, Sara. And I think you've every right to be in a bad mood. What I like is that you've not been indignant or brattish though – that's a good thing.And there's always the next one…n x

  2. It's always a blow, isn't it, and always feels like personal rejection. This is a damn hard game to play. But we have no choice other than to keep at it. Good luck with future submissions.

  3. They didn't even email, which I thought was odd. Are they assuming everyone knows about T. Vowler's blog? I don't really understand that attitude–why not send out an email at least?

  4. Thanks Nik. I'm not feeling remotely indignant, just a wee bit disappointed. And yup, there's always the next one. Thanks.Loree, thanks for commenting. Yeah, it doesn't seem to get any easier, but I'll keep on going! Thanks for the good luck.Bob – ha! I like your spin. Hope you're well.Kevin – hello. Thanks for commenting. I hadn't thought about that (I just sat hit refreshing Tom Vowler's blog many times) but now you mention, erm, yeah, it's a bit odd actually. Commiserations to you as well. Will you join me in a sulk?; )

  5. A most refreshing dose of normality! Phewsh. Well, onwards and upwards. My daughter's swim coach says that losing one year means you'll be kinder to those you thrash in the following years!And in my wee opinion, you did fab to get on the list!

  6. I will join you in a sulk, Sara! Thanks for writing about this–it helps to know that someone else from the longlist feels the same way I do.

  7. At least you've got the balls to be in a bad mood about not winning. I'm way to insecure about my writing to get pissed off if I don't make a short list.

  8. Thanks Tahlia.And : ) at Suz – I'm too insecure as well most of the time. Hope I didn't come over as arrogant, was aiming for truthful though, and I *was* pissed off, I mean, who doesn't want to win!Thanks for commenting.

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