Nice things…

I made the final 15 of Short Fiction‘s New Writers Competition  and now nervously await the shortlist.

And I received an email from the Brit Writers’ Award saying “I’m sorry that you were not one of the finalists however you did come very close. In fact your entry into the Short Story category was ranked within the top 30  – out of several thousand!”

Which is pretty cool – unless everyone got an email like that just to make them feel better? They have offered me 2 complimentary tickets to the event at the O2. Smile.

One name on both the lists is Jo Cannon. Congratulations, Jo – I have my fingers crossed for you in the Brit Awards, though for obvious reasons not the Short Fiction comp!

9 thoughts on “Nice things…”

  1. Snap on top 30. Of course it is possible. You and Jo are both in the other shortlist. The same names do crop up over and over again, which tells you something. (Cynic hat off and stuffed behind smelly PE bags in cupboard.)

  2. Very very cool. Those judges were tough and exacting in the Brit Awards! Fantastic to be shortlisted.Confirmation that you are on the right path, missus.Wishing you all the best for tomorrow…XX

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