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I’d forgotten all about the nifty WordCounter tool until today it popped back into my head. I have put together a bunch of my flash fiction and was curious to see if there were any over used words. I tried to guess what those words might be. “Salt” maybe, I know I use that quite often. But nope, my most frequently used word was “look” followed by “one” “back” “over” and “go”. It was only after I sent my manuscript off that I realised if I put those most used words together they form a message.  “Go look back over one.”


I also favour “say” “think” “get” “want and “watch” which I think flows quite well. As does “head” and “down.”

My list of 25 ends with “mouth” “little” “hand.”

What are yours?


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  1. oo how exciting, I have just had a little play on this.. my top five words in a bunch of my most recent writing were…way walk said love rain

  2. and my top five from my chapbook are… want hand night skin sayI could play with this all day!

  3. I love your fives, they sound beautifully poetic, Annie.

  4. I'm going to try this. Sounds like fun. Figure I'll find a lot of "little" "just" and "that."Thanks for finding this.

  5. my top five areriver, one, look, back, howthis is very interesting, i'd never heard of word counter before..thanks!

  6. where do you find this device? I know about word count in Words, but it just counts the words, not WHAT the words are …

  7. Too funny… and right!! Am a little scared to check what my top five are, but I will!

  8. Gay – how did you find it? I'd love to know your five.Niamh – niiiice! Glad you like it.Louise – just click on the link in my post and that should take you there. Cool innit?Vicky – erm, not Vicky from the BM? It would be very cool if you are! But it's ok if you're not ; )

  9. How exciting!Speak to me! How on earth are you?

  10. Have emailed you – I hope…

  11. Thanks!my words are:look back said one yeardidn't realise that "look" was such a common word


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