Talking to myself

Sara, could you please stop going on about Ted Hughes letters? It’s getting boring.

Hmm, well, I would, but…

But what?

There’s this poetry book called “The Scattering”…

Right. And?

When I was in Oxford I picked it up and considered buying it. Truth is I felt compelled to buy it. To be honest, I only didn’t because I knew that I could get staff discount at work.

Okay, and?

Well, it’s kinda unusual for me to buy poetry. I mean, I love Les Murray but otherwise I’m not a huge reader of poetry. I certainly don’t write it. There’s Plath, Paul Beatty, Bukowski, Les Murray and…well, that’s pretty much it.

So what was there about this particular book of poetry then?

Not sure really. It is written by a man in response to his wife’s death. It seemed emotionally open and… Nope, not sure.

Right. So, you saw this poetry book but didn’t buy it? Fascinating.



I came back and tried to buy it at work but we had sold out. Three people in one day came and asked me for it. Three people asking for the same poetry collection! Then I heard that it had won the Costa Book of the Year Award. This is highly unusual.

Cool. I’m pleased for poetry.

Yes. So. Today I saw the book was back in stock and bought it.

Good for you.

Ta. You can buy a copy at a branch of Waterstones or online at

Great. Thanks.

Did you notice who the author is?

No. Who?

Christopher Reid.


Christopher Reid!


Ring any bells?

Nope. Should it?

Christopher Reid is the editor of The Collected Letters of Ted Hughes.

Ooh! Spooky.

Is it?

Dunno. Could just be a coincidence.

Yeah, that’s what I figured.

2 thoughts on “Talking to myself”

  1. Synchonicity! Or maybe it's meant to be … whatever the underlying cause (if any), the result's bound to bring you pleasure, stimulus and inspiration.

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