Making things up

I haven’t been doing much bloggy stuff lately, but that’s because I’ve been busily making things up and it’s been taking up my computer time. Yay, it’s like I had forgotten what fiction could be. It’s great fun – I think imaginary things in my head and then write it down and create stories. Woot woot!

I will stop banging on about Ted Hughes eventually but I am still savouring the Collected Letters, and it seems to have been the key to unlocking my words again. He struggled and went months without writing at times, he sweated over stories, he abandoned ideas and ranted and tried to find his mojo again. It’s done me such good to read. It’s as if someone has said to me “Whatever way you do it is okay.”

I have entered a couple of comps, subbed a couple of bits. Health-wise I am feeling improved, not totally ok, and I have good days and bad, but yeah, getting there I think.

Aren’t words fabulous. I’m grooving on “palpable” at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Making things up”

  1. I've only just discovered your blog and I like it. Like it so much I'm now going to spend several evenings reading all the old posts. Thanks for reminding me about the Ted Hughes letters – I'm going to pick up where I left off, halfway through a year ago. More power to your writing elbow…

  2. Coo. How lovely. And yes, you make me want to read Ted Hughes letters too, but shall hold off ordering it while I am disciplined and things….Its extraordinary when writers just seem to speak to you through their words. Dead ones and all. Like W G Sebald did for me, and now William Golding. maybe we are all just cuckoo. I prefer to think we are inspired. Long may it last. Vxx

  3. Q – thank you – how kind of you to say.: )Sophie – ooh, I do hope you enjoy. I'm highlighting furiously as I go thru, finding much advice and inspiration.Vanessa – Cuckoo or inspired, I don't mind right now, I'm overjoyed to get the word flow back. I do feel as if Ted Hughes is my key but may well not be others. He puts me back in touch with the young me who loved words and wanted to write for the joy of communicating. Funny thing is (whispers) I'm not even that mad for his poetry.

  4. Phew! Just finished reading, as promised though some of it skimmed, your entire blog. And I shall look forward to more. Thanks for writing a good 'un.

  5. Q – wow, you really did go back into the archives – I read your comment on my Lessing post (I have the blog set to email me when someone comments.) Thanks so much for reading!

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