Why I’m culling my RSS feed but adding FlashFiction.Net

I use NetNewsWire as my RSS reader. When I read something interesting I have got into the habit of adding the blog/site to my feed only to discover maybe 7 times out of 10 that actually I’m really not that keen. Then I start clicking through my RSS feed really fast, feeling a little irritated as I whizz by yet another thing I don’t want to read. It didn’t occur to me to delete the feeds because I suppose I always hoped that one day they would interest me again (or rather, I hate to miss out on anything!) What a waste of time! Blogs I never read much less comment on, stale advice to writers, one note funnies. Yesterday I went through and deleted loads. Ah! Freedom from a dull RSS feed. There is a new site that I have added though. Randall Brown (splendid writer and fiction editor at Smokelong Quarterly) has started a site that he hopes “will serve as a resource for all things flashy and fictiony.” The articles I have read are juicy, necessary, inspirational and just darn fab, so in good faith I can advise all readers and writers to add FlashFiction.Net to your feeds. Let’s learn, enjoy and debate flash fiction together.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m culling my RSS feed but adding FlashFiction.Net”

  1. Yes, I do the same with mine every now and then. You have to. No one can keep up with everything. What is sad that when I do add a new feed (which is rare these days) and it dwindles away to trivia. If only these people would post less, once a week even without feeling they have to have something live or we'll forget about them. No we won't. That's why we have RSS feedreads. I doubt I could actually name a dozen blogs I subscribe to. If I lose this list then they're lost.

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