Anti-plagiarism day

Jane Smith, she of the fabulous How Publishing Really Works blog, has decreed today to be anti-plagiarism day. She has posted a link laden post which will lead you to all sorts of other writerly blogs and thoughts on plagiarism. It’s vital that writers discuss this very real problem. I blogged a while ago under the heading “Magpies and shiny things” after a couple of writing colleagues of mine discovered that another colleague had helped himself to their ideas. It’s such a difficult and emotive thing and nowhere near as straightforward as one would hope.

Personally I strive for my own voice. I hope that my experiences and thoughts can help me create characters and stories that other people will respond to. I want to be different. I want to stand out. I can’t imagine knowingly copying someone else’s ideas and feeling any satisfaction for success with something that wasn’t mine in the first place.

There’s an interesting post from Julia Bohanna at her blog “The Flea” which I’d like to draw your attention to.

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