Pulpy goodness

A new edition of the ever fabulous Pulp Net is now up. I have written reviews of Janice Galloway’s “This is Not About Me” and Chris Killen’s “The Bird Room”.

Also, for London dwelling peeps, there is a Pulp Net Short Story Cafe on tonight, which looks well worth going to.

2 thoughts on “Pulpy goodness”

  1. FriendshipNever have I had a friend like you, a true friend in life.You cracked the veneer, you accept me for who I amand for who I am not.You showed me there is no need to live in disguiseand so I drop the fear because you are here.To hold my hand, to walk me through this foreign landExplore a life of truth between you & IThis is how we grew to this friendshipI know now, like I never haveI have you to thank and this is howI love you my friendMy true friend till the end.Copyright 2009 By Joseph Anthony Sanchez

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