Matt Kinnison and the perfect coffee

Today is the first anniversary of Matt’s death. I was reading through our live journal looking for something and noticed that all of Matt’s cartoons have been removed. I suppose his photobucket account was wiped or something. It sucks to have lost them all. Anyway, I miss him like crazy, it hurts not having him in my life, and I send love out into the world to all his friends and family.

Thought it would be cool to share Matt’s perfect coffee (written in his own inimitable style) with you.

Here is a recipe for a most delicious Turkish Coffee:
Take four heaped table spoons of very finely ground coffee….whichever one you like can be any type at all, with the possible exception of Kenyan, which may become overly acidic made in this way. A fuller bodied coffee, such as Mysore, Brazilian or Guatemalan works very well.
Add these to a small milk pan of cold water, so that there is slighty over three times as much water as there is coffee. Open three cardamum pods, checking that the seeds inside are black and podgy….the lighter, thinner ones are a bit like mouthwash and will spoil the taste. Add these and if you like sugar, add some now.
Bring this mixture to the boil VERY SLOWLY…just simmer really….bring to the boil three times, letting the mixture relax and simmer again between boilings. It should be on the heat for about ten minutes in total. A soft foam will have developed, and you should skim a bit off and put it in a pre warmed cup. After the third boil, pour the mixture in to the cup and leave to stand….there is an ungodly sludge that will need to settle, and you should remember not to drain your cup completely when you drink or you’ll get a faceful. This sludge, i am informed, can be used to tell the future, but i’m afraid i don’t know how.
This coffee is best served with something uncommonly sweet, such as Turkish Delight, A Danish Pastry or those Indian sweets that look like radioactive worms.

4 thoughts on “Matt Kinnison and the perfect coffee”

  1. sigh… i only once ever had a cup of matt’s the studio whilst we were making “the wind is strong…” knocked me over.being a tea drinker (darjeeling) his coffee gave me the shudders for the entire session.never again.never understood how he could drink so much of it.hehe.god,i miss the

  2. Thanks Sara, Matt came so clearly into my head an hour ago (as he does when I think of making coffee) that I had to google him.. I'm lousy at dates, so I forgot to look on the anniversary.John (& Sonia)

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