Technological gubbins

Thanks so much to Matt Bell for helping me open the .DBX files. As I’d hoped, there were over a 100 emails from Matt. I have been rereading them, laughing and crying, and just so glad that I weirdly backed them up.

To avoid any such future calamity, on Friday I bought a My Book external hard drive, and today I have been backing up my beloved Mac. The hard drive came without an instruction booklet (it says there’s one, there is not.) So, I have plugged and clicked and hoped. It seems to be doing things, tho’ as soon as it turned on Time Machine asked me if I wanted to back up, so I said yeah, imagining the 2 things were happening in tandem. Apparently not. Time machine has finished and My Book has only just begun.

I also bought a cooling tray for the mac, in the hope that if I treat it well and keep it cool it will reward me.

Yesterday was spent trying to get my mother’s Sony reader operational, and download a book for her birthday. That was in-between the trying to open the .DBX files and googling hopefully. The reader should have been easy, but unfortunately wasn’t, as the Digital Editions I had installed didn’t work, and I had to re-install.

My printer has gone wrong and sends me on a cycle of “Check the ink” “Check the paper” – they are both fine, but it still won’t work.

My paper shredder has ceased functioning properly. It will only shred paper if I reverse first, and then quickly wedge the paper in. It’ll only do that once, then I have to reveres again. I have spent ages poking at it, unclogging it, revving it. Bah!

Anyway, this is all by way of saying aaaaargggghhhh, I love my shiny techy things, but I do not have the noggin to understand them. They have been taking up too much time, but hopefully it’ll all be done by tomorrow, and I can get back to some focussed writing.


4 thoughts on “Technological gubbins”

  1. ‘Sounds like you need to go camping or something. Bring pen and paper. Escape techno-shit. 😉 I am glad that you were able to open your old e-mails. Sounds like it was worth it. 🙂

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