Technological gubbins

Thanks so much to Matt Bell for helping me open the .DBX files. As I’d hoped, there were over a 100 emails from Matt. I have been rereading them, laughing and crying, and just so glad that I weirdly backed them up.

To avoid any such future calamity, on Friday I bought a My Book external hard drive, and today I have been backing up my beloved Mac. The hard drive came without an instruction booklet (it says there’s one, there is not.) So, I have plugged and clicked and hoped. It seems to be doing things, tho’ as soon as it turned on Time Machine asked me if I wanted to back up, so I said yeah, imagining the 2 things were happening in tandem. Apparently not. Time machine has finished and My Book has only just begun.

I also bought a cooling tray for the mac, in the hope that if I treat it well and keep it cool it will reward me.

Yesterday was spent trying to get my mother’s Sony reader operational, and download a book for her birthday. That was in-between the trying to open the .DBX files and googling hopefully. The reader should have been easy, but unfortunately wasn’t, as the Digital Editions I had installed didn’t work, and I had to re-install.

My printer has gone wrong and sends me on a cycle of “Check the ink” “Check the paper” – they are both fine, but it still won’t work.

My paper shredder has ceased functioning properly. It will only shred paper if I reverse first, and then quickly wedge the paper in. It’ll only do that once, then I have to reveres again. I have spent ages poking at it, unclogging it, revving it. Bah!

Anyway, this is all by way of saying aaaaargggghhhh, I love my shiny techy things, but I do not have the noggin to understand them. They have been taking up too much time, but hopefully it’ll all be done by tomorrow, and I can get back to some focussed writing.


Mac is back!

Well thank goodness my Mac is back. It has been upgraded to Leopard too, so, every cloud etc. It is, however, entirely empty. I am choosing to regard this as fortuitous. I have had my desk cleared, my notebooks thrown away. All those scraps of paper, all the scribbles and jottings and half baked ideas, tossed away. All the rubbish is gone. If any of it had been that good I would have noticed I am sure.

I have to reinstall Word tomorrow, and then off we go!

Dead MacBook = miserable Sara

My macBook did this today:

Spinning beachball of doom.
Got stuck.

So I turned off, turned back on, then:

Grey screen.
Click, click, click.
Flashing folder sign with question mark in.

That’s it.

Not good.

Lucky me, I have extended Apple cover. I rang them and they said “Oh, sounds like your hard-drive.”
I rang my localish Apple place and they said “Oh dear. Sounds like your hard-drive.”

I can take it in and they can replace it. Apparently this is a common thing. The guy said “We live and die by our hard-drive’s. I lost mine earlier this year. They are fragile. They go, all of a sudden.” It will take 3 weeks though. Three weeks!

I feel a bit lost. I have become very used to my beloved Mac. Now I am on my sons stupid pc. It’s all weird and clunky and slow and static.

When this happened to my old desktop pc I was stuck without any computer access for a while, and it felt very wrong. This is much better, I don’t know what I am moaning about really. But it feels BAD. I am unhappy with the situation. And I didn’t back up. Oh no I didn’t. Stupid huh? So, potentially I have lost my photos and itunes, and maybe some words. The stories I am not so concerned about, some are at zoetrope where I have a wee office, some are at Fiction Workhouse, some I had the foresight to send to a googlemail address. Phew. Except now I remember that there were all sorts of little bobbins that I typed in and thought I’d work with later. Grr.