Mean mag!

There is a new magazine coming out of Chester University called “Flash”. I subbed a couple of shorts to them, as did a few of my writing pals. I (and one other) received rejections on Christmas Day. My boys are back at school today, it’s back to business now, so I have just sat down and opened my subs diary. And you know, I feel rather cross at the sheer mean spiritedness they have shown. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas, that’s your choice, but others do. It’s hard constantly putting your writing up for judgement, and rejections always cause a little disappointment, so to send one on christmas day? Well, that’s just being shitty. It could have waited eh? There was no urgent need to tell me no right then. So, no, I won’t be subscribing to this mag, or sending any more work to them. I can take a no, of course I can, but sheez!

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6 thoughts on “Mean mag!”

  1. That is truly Scrooge-like, bah! Although I have to say that it must be a rather sad and pathetic editor who forgoes Christmas cheer (and telly) to sit down and send out rejection letters instead. Picture him/her curled around their computer, no mince pies, no tinsel, just the wind howling, howling and ghosts of Christmas Future playing havoc with the pot pourri…Feel better?

  2. Ya’ know what we need? We need to start up some affordable resort for mother/writers (and whoever else really) on some paradise island in the Pacific where we can all lounge and do Yoga (or whatever) and write and bitch about the industry and throw darts at carbon copied images of the heads of editors . . . uh, wait a minute . . . I’ll need a good pseudonym . . . They’ll be lynchmobbing my house if I don’t start sending out some letters soon. Obviously, this bum was bored or trying to keep up with things like a maniac or a scrooge-like asshole (just as Tania said). Besides, “Flash” is a sucky name. Love Ya’ šŸ˜€ Guitar Hero Rocks! But I have vowed to never touch it again. Sure, I’ll do the whole family Rock Band in the living room thing, but only if I can sing . . . šŸ˜‰ Happy New Year!!!

  3. Oh my God, Scrooge is only half of it. What a miserable thing to be doing on Xmas day! I made myself not look at email on Xmas day in case there was anything annoying in there.I like Rachel’s idea. Can I come to this affordable paradise?!

  4. I know what you’re saying. But just think. If you’d received an acceptance on Christmas Day you’d be blogging about how dedicated these people are and what a great little mag Flash is going to be.Wouldn’t you?

  5. I don’t think I would Bob. But that would be a different scenario anyway, no? An acceptance would be much less bah humbug, and therefore less of a “thing”.

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