Mean mag!

There is a new magazine coming out of Chester University called “Flash”. I subbed a couple of shorts to them, as did a few of my writing pals. I (and one other) received rejections on Christmas Day. My boys are back at school today, it’s back to business now, so I have just sat down and opened my subs diary. And you know, I feel rather cross at the sheer mean spiritedness they have shown. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas, that’s your choice, but others do. It’s hard constantly putting your writing up for judgement, and rejections always cause a little disappointment, so to send one on christmas day? Well, that’s just being shitty. It could have waited eh? There was no urgent need to tell me no right then. So, no, I won’t be subscribing to this mag, or sending any more work to them. I can take a no, of course I can, but sheez!

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