Domestic Violence

I was shocked to read today that 2 women are killed each week in the UK by their partner, or ex partner. TWO A WEEK!

Every minute in the UK the police receive a call for assistance for domestic violence. EVERY MINUTE! This despite the fact that less than half of all incidents remain unreported.

For help, advice, and details on what can be done, please go to Women’s Aid

2 thoughts on “Domestic Violence”

  1. That is hideous and shocking, but sadly I am not surprised. Not much surprises me. Even the news in Israel this week that a man killed his four-year-old grandaughter (who was also his step-daughter, he having become her mother’s lover) and stuffed her into a suitcase and threw her into the river, upset me immensely, but didn’t surprise me. People have such a capacity for violence. It’s appalling. I will follow your link, thank you for drawing attention to this.

  2. And yet the media completely ignores this… it’s just too mundane to be news I suppose. How depressing. Does it come down to a deep-rooted ‘ownership’ culture of women and children? That it’s excused/ignored only means it will carry on.

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