Writer types that others have encountered (because I am still made of bitch, even tho’ I am feeling mellow as I have been on holiday!)

Firstly, this was bitchy, I acknowledge that, but y’know, this is my blog, and if I wanna bitch you really don’t have to read it if you don’t like it. And, it was meant to be funny too, like when you go, oh yeah, man, I know someone like that…so thanks to those of you who sent your own writer types.

Kellie reminded me that there is also “the inept, attention-seeking, lunatic.” and yes, how could I have forgotten. kellie and I suffered from ‘meeting’ a woman who was very good at delivering hype, but who couldn’t actually write. Eeep.

And Vanessa has generously given us three:

“the one who asks you what you’ll be doing at your forthcoming workshop on opening up creativity, flash fiction, etc…says ‘Wow, what a brilliant workshop!” then books a country house and puts on an identical course costing punters four times as much….


the one who moans about other writers not sharing contacts, market info, comp info… and never swaps any info themselves…

and another(!)

the one who says ‘you won what? Oh THAT comp. I didn’t enter myself… forgot…’ (course of they had… they’d have won, right?)”

Vanessa, ohmygod! The first is just too awful!!! The second, urgh, the third, ARGH! Plain and simple!

Thanks for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Writer types that others have encountered (because I am still made of bitch, even tho’ I am feeling mellow as I have been on holiday!)”

  1. Oh yes, I know all these types too.I’ve met 2 of the first one ‘inept attention-seeking lunatic’ this year, at 2 separate workshops. Both very HARSH over other people’s work, and all me-me-me, but USELESS at writing themselves. There’s one in every group, it seems!I do wish people would take these posts in the spirit they are meant too. It’s just a bit of fun!

  2. I met your inept attention seeking loonie as well. The first time, he was a man, the second, female. Neither could write. Which was fine… we all have to begin somewhere…except that the woman had been offered a teaching job at a University CW course….

  3. I’m surprised that more people have met The Lunatic Type, I thought it was just us. It’s fine if people can’t write, but often other people become drawn into The Lunatic’s deluded belief in his/her own greatness resulting in more attention than is deserved. AND they’re always completely dismissive of other writers, to the point of bullying behaviour. I could go on…

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