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See You Next Tuesday – The second coming

I have a story in this new anthology published by Better Non Sequitur. These are fifty 1,000 word stories with a sex theme. (Mine is definitely not erotica) – in the words of the publisher:

Not only are people all around the world having lots of sex, but they are also writing about it. See You Next Tuesday: The Second Coming is the second compilation of 50 sex-riddled (first-published) short fictions that try to transcend perhaps the most universal subject in existence.

Writing from across the globe, each 1,000-word text promises to evoke and provoke the existential and thoughtful corners of your most erotic of organs (namely the one in your head). In other words, the rumors are true, the waiting has ended: The Second Coming is here!


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  1. Congratulations! 🙂 You’re awesome. Sounds mighty interesting . . . “are people all around the world having lots of sex”? I thought it was just me . . . 😉 I ordered a copy as I sipped my morning coffee.

  2. Nice one! I’ll rush off to order my copy too…

  3. Gosh you’re rather prolific these days! I’ve ordered my copy – I’ll have to get you to sign it for me sometime. More power to your keyboard matey. K x

  4. Rachel – good god no, I don’t think people really do have sex do they? I just write about it, t’is a messy business!Tania – thanks – Vanessa and Elaine are in there too, oh, and Mel!Kellie – it’s funny, some things take ages to get published so it looks as if there has been a flurry. There is no prolific writing going on here, more’s the pity.

  5. fun, innit. Are you going to read in London if Steve fixes something?


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