I am typing this on my brand new Mac Book which I purchased, at long last, today! Having never even used a laptop before, let alone a Mac anything, I feel like a klutz with gigantic fat susage fingers jabbing away. I have no idea how to set up my email gubbins, and I’m not even sure how I have managed to connect to the internet. It all seems very mysterious!

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3 thoughts on “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  1. congrats, that’s so exciting. Having a sexy Mac is the secret to creativity… apparently! I used to be a Mac person, then was lured to the dark side, and now that I’m no longer working as a journalist, I am tempted to go back again. The thing is, my Dell is SOOOO light, under 2kg, and Mac isn’t. Sexiness is heavy sometimes. How do you find yours?

  2. I’ve never had the freedom of a laptop before, so being able to move around and check my emails in the kitchen, catch up wih blogs in the lounge, and do a bit of writing in the bedroom, is extraordinary. It’s a whole new operating system tho’, and desite the fact that I bought Word for Mac with it, everything seems so different. My emails keep disappearing for one!I am hopeful that it’ll soon feel like home.Kirsty, funnily enough I only downloaded firefox a few months ago and thought I was ever so tech-y and brave. I am genuinely clueless about the weird world of computers. It has to be said that this mac is a very sexy machine.

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