Another post about my mac because I am soooo interesting

Not having my laptop is weird. I am online much less, and it makes me see how much time I usually do spend doing bobbins really. I am a scattergun writer, perhaps. I browse online, I visit facebook, blogs, FW, zoetrope, Lowculture, read emails, shop, and in-between I switch to word and write in short bursts. I don’t know if I am able to write more solidly, because whenever I attempt to, I distract myself, if not with online stuff, then with real life business; phone calls, cleaning, eating, lots of staring into nothing, anything really. Even just writing this I suddenly jumped up and changed my top. I need to work on staying focused I think.

I have to ring the mac repair peeps soon and get a verdict on its health. I think it’s gonna be bad news, as the guy shook his head and whistled at it. I think I have lost everything, which I didn’t think was too much of a problem until I remembered all those little pieces of work that i didn’t back up because they were to be worked on. And lots of photos that I had seen so often I was bored with, but now they are LOST I want them back.

I think I should set myself a time limit. Like, before the school run it’s ok to check emails quickly, but after, I should crack on and write the novel for a couple of hours. Then stop for lunch, after that scoot around online, and work on reviews, edits, flash etc. After school is boys time (but if they are on wii or ps it’s ok for me to play too!) Sounds workable. In theory. I always forget though that there’s so much other stuff to get on with, I think I find chunks of writing time and then realise that I am mummy too, and work part time, and need to do household stuff and paperwork and shopping and cleaning.

Dead MacBook = miserable Sara

My macBook did this today:

Spinning beachball of doom.
Got stuck.

So I turned off, turned back on, then:

Grey screen.
Click, click, click.
Flashing folder sign with question mark in.

That’s it.

Not good.

Lucky me, I have extended Apple cover. I rang them and they said “Oh, sounds like your hard-drive.”
I rang my localish Apple place and they said “Oh dear. Sounds like your hard-drive.”

I can take it in and they can replace it. Apparently this is a common thing. The guy said “We live and die by our hard-drive’s. I lost mine earlier this year. They are fragile. They go, all of a sudden.” It will take 3 weeks though. Three weeks!

I feel a bit lost. I have become very used to my beloved Mac. Now I am on my sons stupid pc. It’s all weird and clunky and slow and static.

When this happened to my old desktop pc I was stuck without any computer access for a while, and it felt very wrong. This is much better, I don’t know what I am moaning about really. But it feels BAD. I am unhappy with the situation. And I didn’t back up. Oh no I didn’t. Stupid huh? So, potentially I have lost my photos and itunes, and maybe some words. The stories I am not so concerned about, some are at zoetrope where I have a wee office, some are at Fiction Workhouse, some I had the foresight to send to a googlemail address. Phew. Except now I remember that there were all sorts of little bobbins that I typed in and thought I’d work with later. Grr.

blah blah blah MACBOOK blah blah blah.

My Mac Book is fucking amazing. Seriously, I am absolutely delighted with it (so far, she says, hoping not to incur the wrath of sods law.)
It is brilliant to work on and so quick and simple to use. Ahhh. Lovely Mac.
Anyway, I am hoping that now my old PC is officially dead (“You mean nothing to me,” I screamed at it yesterday as I ripped the leads from it’s useless body) that this will mark the beginning of a good working and playing relationship between me and my Mac. I finished a story on it yesterday, and I think it’s way more conducive to writing than being stuck in the teeny room upstairs where my pc lived. It’s not even a room, it was originally designed to be a walk in wardrobe, so, real small and claustrophobic. Now I can roam the house. I am getting rather backachey though, due to not using my usual chair, can’t bring that downstairs, it’d play havoc with the laminated floors!


I am typing this on my brand new Mac Book which I purchased, at long last, today! Having never even used a laptop before, let alone a Mac anything, I feel like a klutz with gigantic fat susage fingers jabbing away. I have no idea how to set up my email gubbins, and I’m not even sure how I have managed to connect to the internet. It all seems very mysterious!

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