Favourite short story writer?

Who is your favourite? You are only allowed one.

I have been thinking about this a lot recently. I write short stories, I read short stories, I love well written short stories, I detest lazy, obvious twist in the tale short stories. I like to be made to think, but I don’t like overly clever writing, I want the words to be simple, just right. I want to feel the story. It’s wonderful to be moved…to tears, laughter, just a smile. I like that feeling of universality when a story makes you go, ahh, yes, I know that. I have several faves, but if I had to pick one it would always be Lorrie Moore. She’s punny and clever and deep and frothy and her stories just slide along easily but every single word is the exact right one. Amazing.

Who is yours?

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10 thoughts on “Favourite short story writer?”

  1. Well, i’d have to say Paul Cain, the hardboiled writer. he’s full of trick ideas and crooked laughter. He also wrote the film ‘The Black Cat,’ starring Bela Legosi.

  2. I have the collected Raymond Carver reserved for me at work, it looks fabulous, and I really don’t know why I have resisted him for so long. Clearly anyone writing anything must read him.I’m not familiar with Paul Cain, will check him out though.

  3. Nothing to do with short stories, but I went in your bookshop yesterday and was very disappointed – no Swedish dictionaries or Gothenburg guidebooks!

  4. Jessica…I am surprised at the lack, especially of the swedish dictionarys, I will pass on your complaints asap!Were you enticed by the coffee shop?And come on…you must have a favourite short story writer?

  5. I love Lorrie Moore too, but have to say that Ali Smith is probably my favourite short story writer. Hard to pinpoint just one – I would like to mention Alice Munro too!

  6. Ali Smith would be my second favourite! I adore Ali. Or my 3rd because I also have to say that Helen Simpson is amazingly talented. So top 3.

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