One Last Drink Before Morning.

I have a very talented friend, Paolo Cabrelli, who has co-written a rather brilliant short film called “One Last Drink Before Morning.” It was recently screened at the first London Film Makers Convention, and at the Short Film Festival of India in Chennai, the film has now been accepted by the Cinequest Online Viewers Voice competition and can be viewed and rated on their website. To watch and rate the film you must first register (free) with Cinequest. You can do this at:
Then login and go to the Viewers Voice section and select the letter O at the bottom to find the film. Or you can go directly to the film by entering:
To rate the film, you must view it completely and then click on one of the stars at the bottom. One short film will win official entry into the Cinequest Film Festival during each of the following voting periods: February, Mar -June, July – Oct and Nov – Jan. Cinequest Film Festival (San Jotse, California) was recently named the Top 10 festival in the world by the Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide.

It’s a bit of a faff to sign up and download stuff I know, but it’s well worth it as it gives you access to a huge range of films and info. I hadn’t heard of Cinequest but in their words their “vision” is to provide “a leading-edge means of getting films to their fans while providing additional educational and historical value to student and professional film makers.” which can only be good.

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