Starting as I don’t mean to go on.

I have been ill since New Year’s day, which is tedious. I am still not right, but today for the first time I feel a hint of getting better. Consequently all my New Year’s resolutions to be more workwomanlike and organised and productive have gone by the by. I have been fit for nothing, and so have watched all sorts of telly tosh.
It’s so very embarrassing to admit, but my love of Oz soap led me to Sky plus “Soapstar Superstar” and whizz through on fast forward to watch Dr Karl from “Neighbours” and Ric Dalby from “Home and Away”. Alan Fletcher (Dr K) is extremely awful. He is so serious and needy. His singing is a Val Doonican/Des O’Connor mash, I will never love the Dr again. On the other hand Mark Furze (Ric) is such a beautiful boy, very handsome and cool and just the type of person I would have had pinned to my wall as a teenager, he can sing well enough so I hope he wins, although probably there is a more deserving winner, a man called Leo who sings very naturally and well. I went off him though because he cried when another contestant was booted off, and I thought he should really get a grip! As I don’t watch any other soap I really have no idea who anyone else is, but none of them seem good!
The other show is of course sleb big bother. It seems designed so that we laugh at the stupid people, which I find offensive. Then the stupid people say ridiculous things (Jade’s mum asked Shilpa if she lives in a shack!). There’s no nobility in ignorance just because it’s working class. The whole thing is manipulative and voyeuristic and utterly engaging. I like to watch and moan, and then see Russell Brand’s show and marvel at his wonderful way with words. He is shiny!

My own way with words is clearly rubbish. I haven’t written at all. I don’t even have a list of upcoming comps and submissions organised. I am useless. I do keep jotting ideas down though, in the hope that at some point in the near future I will mutate into a completely different person and actually fucking do some work.

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