Back to school motto’s.

Summer holidays are over as of today, and I have packed my boys back off to school. They each gave themself a motto for the new school year, Dylan’s is “It’s showtime baby!” and he says he will show people who he really is, Ted’s is “Keep on rocking” as he says he wishes to maintain last years glory!
I don’t have a motto for myself, if I did it would probably be along the lines of “Get a move on fatty!” as my ability to procrastinate seemingly knows no bounds. Because of this I have organised my own timetable to follow, which, if followed correctly, will allow me the grand total of 12 hours a week for my writing.
Si pointed out that if I were to work extra hours at the bookshop I would be unavailable to the people who phone me during the day and talk for hours, he says I need to take my writing seriously enough to count it as being work and not answer the phone and not get sucked in to conversations with the many old ladies who like to chatter to me on my way back from school. He is right of course. I guess in some way it is hard for me to validate my words. I know too many deluded people who think they are special because of some talent they perceive they have when in truth…ach, I’ll give it a go eh?

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