A day at the bookshop in a random reportage.

2 young boys bought “Doing it” by Melvyn Burgess and could not hide their blushes, awwwww.

A dad brought in his 2 kids (aged 5 and 2ish). The 5 year old struck up an excited conversation with me about Art Attack and going into year 1 whilst the 2 year old opened up a gift box and extracted from within the rubber duck. He kept squeaking it and I said “Oh, you have our rubber duckie, I wondered what that sound was.” in a loud, bright voice designed to alert his dad to what was happening. I turned back to the counter to serve someone and when I looked round again the kid was standing (STANDING!) on 2 ducks. “Please don’t stand on my ducks” I said “They are still for sale.” I told his dad who didn’t even have the grace to apologise.

A huge man demanded that I recommend something amazing to him. I asked what sort of thing he liked and he said that was irrelevant, he wanted to know what I thought was brilliant as after all that was my job. I am delighted, and smug, to report that he left the store with 7 books!

There is a new temp at work. He checked on our computer for a book. The computer showed we had 2 in stock. He looked on the shelf before informing the customer that we had sold out. When the customer had moved away from the counter I quietly told him that if the computer showed more than 1 copy it was a fairly safe assumption that we did in fact have the book. No, he said, it’s not there. I checked the screen and informed him that as it was in our latest campaign it was probably on the ground floor. No, he replied, it won’t be, unless there are5 or 6 copies it won’t be downstairs. Jeez. I have, what, 7 years experience with this organisation and this boy has 3 weeks. Whatever, I’m a Saturday assistant now, I can’t be bothered. I carry on shelving some stuff but return to the till point in time to hear him say to the ground floor staff “Oh, you do, right, no, it doesn’t matter.”
He did say to me that he hoped never to be so stupid again. Tee, and indeed, hee.

3 thoughts on “A day at the bookshop in a random reportage.”

  1. Hey chris! I have added you to my links, I hope that’s ok?Kellie, did he eat it all up? Was this at the Arvon thingy bob? Did you cook alone? The pressure would ahve got to me, but I am a shocking cook.

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