Dead MacBook = miserable Sara

My macBook did this today:

Spinning beachball of doom.
Got stuck.

So I turned off, turned back on, then:

Grey screen.
Click, click, click.
Flashing folder sign with question mark in.

That’s it.

Not good.

Lucky me, I have extended Apple cover. I rang them and they said “Oh, sounds like your hard-drive.”
I rang my localish Apple place and they said “Oh dear. Sounds like your hard-drive.”

I can take it in and they can replace it. Apparently this is a common thing. The guy said “We live and die by our hard-drive’s. I lost mine earlier this year. They are fragile. They go, all of a sudden.” It will take 3 weeks though. Three weeks!

I feel a bit lost. I have become very used to my beloved Mac. Now I am on my sons stupid pc. It’s all weird and clunky and slow and static.

When this happened to my old desktop pc I was stuck without any computer access for a while, and it felt very wrong. This is much better, I don’t know what I am moaning about really. But it feels BAD. I am unhappy with the situation. And I didn’t back up. Oh no I didn’t. Stupid huh? So, potentially I have lost my photos and itunes, and maybe some words. The stories I am not so concerned about, some are at zoetrope where I have a wee office, some are at Fiction Workhouse, some I had the foresight to send to a googlemail address. Phew. Except now I remember that there were all sorts of little bobbins that I typed in and thought I’d work with later. Grr.

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