In my last post I mentioned an excellent magazine whose editor had praised my story but suggested it was more mainstream than the fiction they choose. Well I sent him one of my stranger little pieces, and am delighted to say that he has accepted it. More news when it appears (I dunno, I get superstitious about […]

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It may be bad form to talk openly about rejections, but really, fuck that, it’s such a part of this writing lark. If one submits stories to good quality magazines there are bound to be some rejections. We all know that no writer has a ‘hit’ rate of a hundred percent. I vowed to send work out, and […]

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I know I have been super crappy at updating lately, but dear blog, it’s not personal, everything has been on hold. It’s just one of those times when things collide: ill health, family needs, holidays, and things to do, always things to do. It has been pretty gloomy actually, but today the sun shone a […]

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Why I write.

One of my closest friends is a musician. He is the best bass player in the world, and he plays other weird and wonderful instruments too ( trumpet marine and yayli tanbur amongst many). Anyway, we were discussing why he feels that he has to make music and I feel I have to write. I […]

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Critiques and being personal.

I have mentioned that I write at The Fiction Workhouseand it really is all kinds of ace. It is stimulating, thought provoking and a creative wonderland really. I feel very lucky to be working there, and I know that it is pushing me, teaching me, nourishing me.One aspect of it is the 3 weekly short […]

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End of year reflections.

I have always been a sucker for a blank page, ooh preferably in a brand new notebook, lovely. A morning is good, a fresh week is better, a new year is glorious, just full of hope. I am forever full of the same resolutions that I first made as a girl: lose weight, exercise, write […]

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Erm, actually…

Today I am feeling not much in the way of positive. Instead I am feeling rather deflated, and not good enough, and rubbish, and sad, and glum, and like a loser. Oh.

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