In my last post I mentioned an excellent magazine whose editor had praised my story but suggested it was more mainstream than the fiction they choose. Well I sent him one of my stranger little pieces, and am delighted to say that he has accepted it. More news when it appears (I dunno, I get superstitious about mentioning anything before it actually happens!) but I am rather pleased. Especially as I liked his initial comments so much. It is such a pleasure to know that there are editors who care, and take time, and encourage.

6 thoughts on “Accepted!”

  1. Hey well done indeed! As a complete outsider, I am tempted to agree with superstition, particularly as the editor in question might not be happy about the advance advertising (and, bannish the thought, might end up having to postpone the story for space reasons).But do tell us please the moment the publication becomes available. Really looking forward to reading it – well done again.

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