That January feeling.

People seem in general to be a bit grumpy arse!
I put it down to the after Christmas blues, winter weather, nothing much to look forward to and so on. Apparently today is the day that more people book holidays on than any other. Carrot/stick.

The boys went back to school today, protesting very loudly. Which means that I start work on my novel again today. Only I haven’t.


I have however been extremely organised. I have sorted out paper work, bills, birthday presents, appointments, finances. So now I am clear to begin tomorrow. But I have appointments for blah things. (Dentist! Eeep!) Or the next day. Oh, but my brother is visiting, and then it’s my husband’s birthday. The week after then. And that’s how it goes, and the time seeps away, and I am determined that it won’t be like that this year. I will be new, improved, focused, serious, intent. I will not be distracted.


2 thoughts on “That January feeling.”

  1. Good luck with the anti-distraction. I always say I’m going to be more focussed then I… sorry, what was I saying? :)I have every confidence you’ll be better than me at it!

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