What’s your favourite pen?

I asked this question on social media and ordered a few of the pen’s suggested to me. I’m on a mission to find a smooth writing, non-blobbing, easy to hold (for a long time) pen. I have a gorgeous Fisher Space Bullet which I adore for its look, and the satisfaction of putting it away, but the grooves press into my finger and feel a bit uncomfortable. I very much appreciate the depth of colour a black Sharpie gives but can’t bear its bleed through a page. Also, it’s not a fast writing pen. I tried a Uni-Ball Eye after previously being recommended it but found it too scratchy. I was told to try the micro because that is “flowy” which sounded good. The Pilot G2 gel ink rollerball got the most enthusiastic mentions so I ordered one of those. People also suggested the Papermate Flexi-Grip and the Stabilo Pointball.

I ordered from Cult Pens and firstly, how cute is this? It arrived with a little pack of love hearts!

(I tried a few times to get the Uni-Ball to stay showing its name but it kept rolling over. Damn, I’ll never make it as an influencer with my crappy pictures and lack of patience.)

Here are my initial feelings.

My top two are the Papermate and the Stabilo. It seems I prefer to write with a biro although I prefer the look of the gel pens on the page. If anyone has any other recommendations let me know. No ink pens though! They may be fancy but they get a big no from me.

5 thoughts on “What’s your favourite pen?”

  1. Ha… Cult Pens! another fan here 🙂
    I use pencils a lot for my notes, but when I use a pen I have 2 favourites:
    – Montblanc Starwalker ballpoint pen from 2006. It never failed. Very well balanced pen, I find it very comfortable to hold and write with. I use black ink, F nib.
    – Lamy CP1 fountain pen. It has a minimalist design. I use the EF nib, also with black ink.
    Then in my mini pencil case I also always keep a Parker jotter with blue ink and an old Parker 88 fountain pain in blue laque with gold filled trim; M nib. This is from around ’93-’94. I rarely use it, but I like the pen a lot.

    1. Wow, you are a super pen gal! I can’t get on with pencils at all – too fragile, snappy, faint. Plus, for some reason, I can not sharpen a pencil satisfactorily!

  2. I only use my Lamy fountain pen and black ink. It glides beautifully over the page. Coloured pens for highlighting.

    1. Ooh, you’re fancy! I like the sound of it gliding beautifully over the page but fear in my case it would be splotches and smears ahoy. I just got a new pen for my birthday actually, a lovely Fisher Space pen.

  3. If you’re still considering pens, there are two that bring me joy. Admittedly I am an outlier when it comes to thickness, but the following also comes in 0.5mm:

    1) Uni-ball “Vision Elite” rollerball pens
    — specifically, the Bold Point (0.8mm) version, because joy.

    But you did try Uni-ball already (and, agree, other models are scratchy), so perhaps something else:

    2) TUL “Retractable gel pen” (no fancy name)
    — specifically the Medium Point (0.7mm) pen.

    TUL also has a 0.7mm rollerball version, but I can’t confirm the joyness.

    Hope you find/have found your Goldilocks pen!

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