Fiction trio

These are three of the books I have read recently.

“Infinite Sky” is a YA treat.  One hot summer Iris‘s mother leaves Iris, her dad, and brother, and shortly afterwards a group of travellers set up camp in the family’s field, much to her father’s annoyance. What makes this novel stand out is how Flood depicts the ennui, struggles, and hopes of youth so brilliantly in this tale of star crossed lovers. 

The Night Rainbow is another sun-drenched story. Set in rural France and narrated by five year old Pea the novel manages to be charming despite its dark shadow of death. Pea plays outside with her little sister so not to bother their sad Maman. And Maman doesn’t know that Claude, a man viewed with suspicion by the other villagers, is paying very close attention. A perfect Book Club read, King captures the innocence and wonder of childhood beautifully.

Spellbound proves “Lad Lit” doesn’t have to be shallow – this is a bright and engaging collection of short stories that have real depth. Willans respects women, and that comes through strongly. (I imagine he has plenty of female friends.) These “stories of women’s magic over men” combine pathos, wit, and humour, with a sprinkle of romance, love, and cynicism. 

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