100 RPM

Caroline Smailes has put together an anthology of 100 tiny fictions (each 100 words or less) inspired by music. All monies from sales of the ebook will go to a charity called One in Four. This week only it is available for the bargain price of £1.02 from Amazon – LOOK!

It has an introduction from Nik Kershaw (Nik Kershaw!) And features stories from lots of ace people. I wrote a wee story called With a Kiss which was inspired by “You’ll be Mine” by The Pierces.

So, it’s totally cheap, rather cool, and helps a good charity. What’s not to like? Plus, you can play along by YouTubing each song as you read.

1 thought on “100 RPM”

  1. Do you find you are often inspired by music when writing?I am constantly frustrated as a writer that there is an emotional quality to music that can't be replicated in other art forms. But then, I suppose that's why there are different art forms.

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