New year resolution thingybobs

I like New Year the same way I like a new diary or notebook. It’s the promise of a fresh start. I make resolutions all year round, I strive to be better always, but it’s like New Year is an especially potent time to make those wishes (that’s what they are right – wishes?)

I will try to stay alive in 2010 if at all possible.
I will try to love and cherish, nurture and support my family and friends.
I will try to be a brilliant writer.
I will try not to be ill.
I will try to be a good person.
Oh yeah, and lose weight, get fit, be BETTER.

I want to be a better wifemotherfriendrelativepersonwoman.

I feel cuspy. Maybe I am about to become the writer I want to be, the writer I feel deep down I am. Or maybe I’ll turn my back on the whole stupid dream of it. Or, more likely, I’ll stop being so drama queeny. You know, I’m going to write sometimes, and other times I’m not, and I have to make peace with that.

I am going to try to stop bitching at myself.

I will carry on bitching at others!

I would like to wish you all your perfect 2010.

7 thoughts on “New year resolution thingybobs”

  1. I think one of the most important things that changed for me in 2009 was that I accepted I am a writer. I let go of all my angst around "what if this is not what I am supposed to do with my life … what if I'm wasting my time etc." I have come to the conclusion that anyone who feels called to be a writer and does so on a consistent basis IS a writer. We need to accept and embrace ourselves as writers and put all that angst energy into instead writing and living to our very best ability. Have a great 2010, Sara! Believe:-)

  2. You are a fab person, Sara. I wish that all the other things slot into place for you. I would wave my wand wearing a pink tutu, if I could make it possible for you.And I am not fond of pink!

  3. Ethel – Yes! Believe! Let go of angst! We *are* writers! Bob – thank you. Much luck to you too. It feels good knowing there are people who are rooting for me. Vanessa – Thank you, and back atcha.Julia – Hee, you in a pink tutu would be fun! Thanks so much.Rachel – hmm, sounds like a song eh?BlogSloth – being alive is kinda awesome.

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