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Wheelbarrows (too many)

I have a tiny flash up at Stacatto Fiction:

Wheelbarrows (too many)


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  1. Nice little flash, Sara. (I'd have left a comment on the site, but I filled in the boxes and couldn't see a button to press to submit the comment. Curious.)

  2. Thanks Bob. That's strange tho', I just had a look and there's a huge SUBMIT button for comments, seemed to be working ok for me.

  3. Yeah, I can see it now, from home, and it's about the biggest submit button that I've ever seen. It didn't show up at work though (*sigh*). Maybe it's a browser issue. I can't check my webmail from work either.It's no good, I'm going to have to start looking for another job ;-)Cheers,Bob

  4. Heehee – I didn't like to sound like I was really taking the piss but it is a big SUBMIT button innit!


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