Dear writers, wanna see Sparks fly?

There are writers who thrive on reading their words to an audience. I’m not one of them, however, I was once persuaded by Jo Mortimer to stand on a stage and read a story to real, live people. ( Eeek.) Jo Mortimer is a very persuasive person! Truth is I had a blast. It was rather intoxicating and I can see how some writers get addicted to that thrill.

Jo’s flash fiction night – Sparks – is a fantastic, buzzy, creative event. She selects cool stories and commissions a unique photo for each one which becomes the backdrop to your reading. The next night is on November 3rd Upstairs at Three and Ten and you could be part of it. If you wish, you may submit a story of 1,000 words or less to but you’ll have to get a wriggle on as the deadline for subs is October 15th.

And if you are reading this and thinking yeah, yeah, all very well but I live in America (for instance), never fear, Jo will accept two stories per month that can be read by someone other than the author.

3 thoughts on “Dear writers, wanna see Sparks fly?”

  1. I would get very emotional and my voice would quaver, as though I were about to burst into tears, and I would sound much as I did when I forgot the words to the solo I was singing in front of the school governors when I was eleven! I need to practice my emotional control when reading out loud! I can read stories for kids though – shame I don't really write many of those! Oh, except HCA's The Little Sea Maid, and The Match Girl! – they have me blubbing. Hmn…must practice because it sounds fun.

  2. Rohan – yeah, it's is a freak out experience I think, but then afterwards it feels coooool.Rachel – aww, bless! That must have been *such* a bloody nightmare, you poor thing. I can imagine that would be a real tough fear to overcome. Practice, it'll be better now you're a Grown Up, plus, you get to read from paper so no memorising needed.Actually my boys used to love me reading to them and some of the stories set me off terribly. Worst culprit was "Harry and the Robots" – sheez, when the nan goes to hospital, erm, gulp…

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