If Janice Galloway had read my story…

The short list for STORY – the International short story competition from HappenStance Press (which is, let’s be frank, a bit of a mouthful) went up today. I’m not on it and I’m so very gutted. I made the long list, but not the short list which means that Janice Galloway won’t get to read my story. Boo hoo.

Regular readers of my blog will be well aware that Ms Galloway is my favourite writer. I had a little fantasy that she’d love my story. Maybe it’s better this way though, she didn’t reject me, it never even made it to her.

By the way, if Janice Galloway’s publisher reads this I totally think you should send me a proof copy of the collected stories. I’ll have to replace “Where You Find It” in my display case so I should read the new volume first so as to properly be able to recommend it to all my customers. I’ll be rather sad not selling “Where You Find It” any more, though this latest collection which is a selection from WYFI and Blood is obviously A Jolly Good Thing Indeed.

Oh well, off to cheer myself up with Nicholson Baker’s The Anthologist which is making me laugh out loud, much to my surprise.

11 thoughts on “If Janice Galloway had read my story…”

  1. Commiserations, Sara, but don't lose sight of getting on the longlist. That's quite an accomplishment in such a big competition. I must admit I'm not familiar with Janice Galloway and look forward to reading her stories. Thanks.

  2. I met her!!! And she is AMAZING! Her stories are fanastic, she reads so so well, she is a totally cool and real writer, and she gave me her email address. Wow. Never would have heard of her if not for you, Sara – thank you. Commiserations about Happenstance, but brilliant to be longlisted. Humph.

  3. Yay, so glad you agree. But hang on, she gave you her email address? She didn't give me her email address – SULK ; )(Actually, I think I have to tone down the JG love for fear of sounding like a crazeeeee lady.)Are you enjoying SW?

  4. Loving the "crazeeeee" talk! I am way too enthusiastic when I find people whose writing I like – makes me sound very odd!Bad luck with your story but you did brill to get on the longlist!

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