Bobbins, short stories (and Janice Galloway)

I love my job. I feel very lucky to work in such an amazingly gorgeous bookshop and to get to go in one day a week and soak up the fiction. Anyway, bobbins and short stories:

A woman came and asked if we had a copy of a specific book. Yes we do, it’s on the next floor up.
“Oh, forget it,” she said sounding disappointed and left.

Someone bought my all time favourite novel “The Trick is to Keep Breathing” by Janice Galloway and I couldn’t resist saying “Ooh, I love this book, it’s my favourite novel EVER.”
“Oh,” the customer replied. “I was looking at “Where You find It” too.”
“You MUST get that as well,” I said. “It’s amazing.”
“Okay. You know, I came in for “This is not about me” really but couldn’t find it.”
“Oh my goodness, also brilliant, it’s in biography, I can grab you a copy if you like?”
BEST CUSTOMER EVER! Oh, and for anyone who has followed my triumphant tale of selling the awesome “Where You FInd It” collection, that brings the total sold to 72. Not bad for a book we didn’t stock eh?
Exciting news is that a collection of Janice Galloway’s stories is forthcoming. How cool is that? I suppose I’ll replace my “Where You Find It”‘s with the new collection, but I’ll be sad in a way. I’m very fond of that book.

Controversially (or, erm, not) I put “Olive Kitteridge” in my short story display case. (If Annie Clarkson reads this please note that Brighton Waterstones has a gorgeous short story display case!)

In other short story news A. L Kennedy’s new collection “What Becomes” is out. I had the pleasure of reviewing it for Waterstone’s Books Quarterly: ( “What Becomes is an impeccable collection from one of the most talented writers around. These are stories that ache and resonate as Kennedy’s stylistic scalpel reveals the pain and truth inside each of her characters. Highly recommended.”)

Today a new online journal has been published. Fancy a read? Head over to The Collagist.

11 thoughts on “Bobbins, short stories (and Janice Galloway)”

  1. This is such a lovely heart-warming post. I only wish your shop wasn't 60 miles away (but there are good people in my local branch too, including a Tintin enthusiast).

  2. You're an awesome salesperson. 🙂 I'd love to run into you in a bookstore. I'd buy you a coffee. As soon as I get some money, I'll go sniff out Miss Galloway . . .

  3. I am seeing Janice Galloway at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Thurs! Also as a result of an asalted recommendation. Your influence reaches far and wide!

  4. Hey SaraYou don't just inspire your book shop customers – I'm a Galloway fan now because of you! Great news re her new collection. I'm currently reading 'Where you Find It', among many other books. It's fab.Nuala

  5. Aww, thanks Pierre. Which is your local branch?Rachel – I'd love to know what you think of her when you do. Read The Trick is to Keep Breathing!Kellie – Ooh, have an ace time and tell me all about t afterwards!WRW – Hurray! So glad you like.

  6. Bracknell is my local branch (it is quite small). I did go in looking for a particular blogger's book recently (and found it), but I haven't been in as often as I should. That branch was previously Hammicks, then Ottakar's (hence the interest in Tintin), and now Waterstone's.

  7. Oh gosh, yes I am reading. Glad Waterstones Brighton has short stories in the right place. I'm waiting to see if Waterstones Manchester might do the same… fingers hurray for janice galloway

  8. Hullo Sara – how cool that you love your job. Long may it last. My local W branch always looks in danger of shutting down, but the staff there are very helpful (unlike the other place, where they just look at you blankly from behind the till)xLane

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