Person comes into the bookshop and says…

1) Person comes into the bookshop and says “I have written a book. Who do I get to publish it please?”

2) Person comes into the bookshop and says “I am an author and I am prepared to do an event here.”

3) Person comes into bookshop and says “I was in here a few weeks ago and saw a book on that table over there. It was browny red I think. What was it?”

4) Person comes into the bookshop and says “Three for two? Oh that’s typical, it’s the cheapest one that’s free. Tut.”

8 thoughts on “Person comes into the bookshop and says…”

  1. Sara – I have worked with the public in a number of jobs and I know that patience is not my gift from God. When I worked in an Antique Shop, someone came in to ask for a stone age axe.But these are folk who come into a bookshop – they should be intelligent at least. Dear oh dear. How do you stop yourself stamping on their feet/screaming/slapping them?

  2. Funny stuff. reminds me of when I worked in a video store and people would literally ask:'Do you have that film with that guy in it about that thing?'Never underestimate the people's capacity for stupidity.

  3. I know that brown book! It's the one about that stuff, you know – er. The stuff that that bloke or was it a woman wrote about! Anyway. It was dead good. It was the most expensive of the three for two, or was it three for four, where the least expensive one had to be just the right height to prop up the broken leg of my rabbit hutch!!

  4. Hi Sarah.Hope all is good with you, – sorry to hear you were not well – hope better now. Sometimes it's is not a bad thing to get a few days off the computer though…xxLaneps when I went to your blog it was saying 'Upper Holloway, Essex has just landed on your blog". I felt very observed, except that Upper Holloway Essex doesn't really exist!

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