Small fiction at Dogmatika

I am so pleased that my story “Plans. Needs. Blues” has been published by Dogmatika. It’s a story that means a lot to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there’s a lot of truth in it, although it is fiction. I sometimes think that fiction allows me to be more honest than non-fiction does. Secondly it’s the only story I have written in second person. I felt like it really worked that way. A couple of editors (cool people who I totally respect) said they thought it would work better if I changed it to first or third. One said they would publish if I did so. I said thanks, but no. I wasn’t sure if that was arrogant of me, or stupid, or brave. However, it’s my story, and like I say, it meant something to me the way it was. Dogmatika didn’t even mention that the voice is second person, they just accepted it. I am delighted.

6 thoughts on “Small fiction at Dogmatika”

  1. I gave this one a read, Sara. A good, ‘makes-you-think’, kinda story.You’re right, second person is really difficult to pull off, and can be – in the wrong hands – a very restrictive form of writin’. It’s somethin’ I have never dabbled with. I’m glad you stuck to your guns. You obviously felt it was meant to be written that way. Then again, if The New Yorker asked me to change my POV, I may have to re-assess…;o)

  2. Brian ~ thanks for reading, and commenting. It’s the only time I’ve ever used second, I liked it for this, but think a little probably goes a long way.And yeah, for sure, New Yorker, McSweeney’s, Granta et al, they ask me to change something I’m totally gonna do it.This little piece of mine though, it feels right to me.Nik ~ thank you!

  3. That was excellent. The 2nd person really works and makes it much more affecting I think. It really placed me in her world. Aceness = you.

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