(Email vs postal subs.) The writers in my head are better than me at this.

I steeled myself and sent off another few bits and pieces to various literary magazines. My printer is broken (my printers always become fucksy real fast, it’s a thing) so I only sent to places that accept online subs. Thinking about it though, I rarely post my stories. I entered a couple of big competitions early this year, but the printing and finding the right envelope and the age old question, to staple or paperclip, then the post office queue – I’m probably a bit too crap to do it very often.

I imagine other writers who are super organised, and have printers that work smoothly, whose ink never blobs on an essential page, whose paperclips are shiny and new, whose paper is just thick enough, but not off puttingly fancy. When they print the words on the page look just as they want them to, not suddenly skew whiff or with no margin or sudden jumbo spacing. These writers post their words. I envy them a little.

6 thoughts on “(Email vs postal subs.) The writers in my head are better than me at this.”

  1. I heard that some judges like a nice blue plastic covered paperclip, or red or yellow or green… it’s just so cheery and stands out from all those cold shiny silvery ones.Whenever I send stuff on-line I always doubt that it has got there… I am a bit ‘fucksy’ when it comes to the ether-real technology and trust the great british post box much more.Sorry about your printer… I’d consider trading that one in for one that is less temperamental.Best of luck with the subs.D

  2. Cheers Nik, and yeah, fucksy is a great word!D – I heard that about the coloured paperclip too, funny eh! Oh, and this is my latest printer, not very old at all, has been the best so far out of 4, but now, pft, fucksy! They all hate me ; )

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