Update with no cohesion

1) I am saying “fecking Christmas” way too often.

2) Saturday (aka the busiest retail day of the year) the computer system at work was down. This meant that all enquiries had to be answered by the whirring of my own brain. It was rather amazing to see how much I did know, my mind must be utterly cluttered with titles and authors of books I haven’t read and have no clue about.

3) A customer poohed himself. He obviously was a man with some special needs, for which I have sympathy. The stench of his shit however was foul, and remained long after he left the shop. It set the tone for the day.

4) I was interview number 5 on Chris Killen’s blog.

5) I am reading DeLillo’s “White Noise” and getting on with it much better than the dreaded “Underworld.”

6) I am loving PathWords on facebook.

4 thoughts on “Update with no cohesion”

  1. A customer poohed himself? eeewww. This fecking Christmas will be over soon. 😦 Today, in my corner of the world, there was an ice storm and then a creeping sinus headache and they totally fecked up everything. Things were less than cheery. I hope you’re doing better. Be careful of Wordpath – addiction, anyone??? Happy gift wrapping! 🙂 Damn it, we should make this x-mas a happy one! I have some old jagermeister upstairs on my bookshelf . . .

  2. It’s only fecking christmas once a year… but it does seem as though it takes up an inordiately large amount of space.And I think I said before that one of my ambitions is to work in a bookshop… you are most certainly pouring cold fecking water on that wee dream of mine with your stories of life serving the public.Merry fecking christmas, Sara – and if my fecking words seem a bit nippy, please try reading them in a Mickey or Minnie Mouse voice… they are more fun that way and closer to how they are in my head.Best wishes alwaysD

  3. Rachel, Pathwords is weirdly calming. I go into a not noticing any life zone and just pick out words for 5 minutes. It soothes me. I’ll probably be bored with it in a few days time.Douglas, it really does take up too much space, nail hit firmly on head. Working in a bookshop can be very cool, but also, y’know, people, they suck!BlogSloth, your few words make me very pleased! Happy festive times to you too. I look forward to reading much more of you in 2009.

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