An update

My previous post, about the editor who rejected me and accepted computer generated text from a friend, has been very popular. It’s a great anecdote I suppose, and obviously people would like to know who the editor is, what the magazine is, and what the accepted words are. Sorry to disappoint, but I think it is entirely up to the hoaxer himself to reveal. I can however copy from beat comments Mr Hillbilly Greeker made, and reveal the news that the editor has been in touch again, and asked for more of his work!

I’m the “writer friend” mentioned on asalted – just thought I’d set a bit of context here, anonymously because the editor in question has actually asked for four or five more pieces for an e-book (seriously), so I’m going to string this along for a little while.

This didn’t begin as a stunt. It became so after the event. The editor had responded so vehemently to a polished, workshopped piece, that I wanted to see how he would respond to a random collection of words (and there was no way I was going to waste any of my own work on him). I expected either a stronger rejection, or no response at all. The possibility he might publish never occurred to me. But when he replied, he was in awe of the ‘work’.

I certainly didn’t set out to prove anything. Whether an exercise like this could ever prove anything is debatable. It began as a bit of fun to waste the time of a man who had been needlessly rude to a friend. Perhaps a childish impulse.

You were spot on with the greeking generator you linked to – it’s the same one I used, with the Hillbilly option selected. The text generated there is pretty much identical to what was published, with a little added coarseness (certainly no added craft). It has no more intrinsic value than any other random collection of words.

Or perhaps that last statement is open to debate. If any of your readers disagree they could likely have a novel or two completed and published on before bedtime.

Posted by: Hillbilly Greeker

5 thoughts on “An update”

  1. Hey Kirtsy, wrw, and kellie.It’s all quite daft isn’t it? And mine is the only real name associated with this, even the editor uses a pseudonym, in fact he uses several. Sigh. Revealing his name will actually reveal nothing, he will move on to his next name. And his ‘zine is a fledgling publication, quite unheard of, so I don’t really wish to bring him publicity. Also, Hillbilly greeker may well take him up on his offer of an e-book!Will keep you informed!

  2. heeee! I sent the link to one of my fave blogs, Literary Rejections on Display… happily it has passed muster and is on display for the world to see.I dont think you should reveal who it is… let the idiocy stand as an icon. On the other hand, maybe it is a comment on what is considered great writing today… lets forget about writing proper, lets all just f*** and pick random f***ing words, and get famous.

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