2 thoughts on “A very good piece of writing”

  1. I am always excited to see what someone else thinks is really good and rushed off to read this… and having read it am not sure… there is some absolutely brilliant use of language and imagery… some so strong as to stay with me, in my head when I walk away from it… that licking the black wall is so anxiety provoking… i squirm when I remember it…But, as a whole piece, this didn’t quite pull it off for me… This person can certainly write… and poetry sparks all over the place… but for me there has to be a bit more for the piece to work completely. Will certainly look out for more by this writer… def one to watch.Thanks for drawing my attention to this Sara.BestD

  2. Hi Douglas. Well, all writing is subjective, all opinion too. This piece resonates with me. Personally I am thrilled by it, moved, entranced, drawn in. I feel it, pretentious as that may sound. To me there’s not a word wrong. The more times I read it, the more I like it. This is exactly what I would like to do with my own words; capture the dark, translate it.

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