Bullet points (mainly Buffy!)

Bullet points! What a horrible expression. I wonder how that originated, but can’t be bothered to google.

* It is 2.37 a.m, and I am up, not sleeping, fretting about the fact that I have to officially get up at 7 and start the day. I am tired, but frazzled – can’t switch my mind off, fed up of laying in bed twitching.

* I am going to LitCamp on Friday. Hurrah!

* We are now “on” Buffy season 4, and I had previously intended to write up each season as we went, but abandoned that due to lack of ability to see things through!

So very briefly:

Season 2

Thank god for Spike. First time round I entirely missed his genius. I was a strict Angel fan, but now I see how he brought light to the dark. He’s very funny, very witty. A bit pathetic and bumbling. Kendra! Crap! The whole Jenny Calendar story is pretty good, and of course, Angel turning bad is tragic, but enormous fun for the viewer. Oh, and is it this season where Oz catches sight of Inuit Willow? I love that scene, so cute.

The end is uber tortured and angsty.

Season 3

This is where it all really gets super excellent.
Faith! Wow. So cool, so wrong, so dark, so hot. It’s a great thing to have an opposite Buffy. I love Willow’s reactions too, they seem eminently believable. Oz and Willow are sweet. First showing of Anya, whoo hoo! Two great relationships; Buffy and Angel and their DOOMED love, and Faith and the Mayor, which somehow manages to avoid anything icky and inappropriate and is warped but touching.

The end is the perfect counterpart to Season two’s close.

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4 thoughts on “Bullet points (mainly Buffy!)”

  1. Oh how poo. Not sleeping is like some kind of self-induced torture. I think it is best to just get up rather than lie in bed wide awake though. I hope you catch up on some snoozin’ tonight. And yaaaaaaaaaay lit camp! It’s a shame it isn’t a real camp and we could have a midnight feast in our jammies.

  2. The pj’s and midnight feast sounds good, but camping? nah – we’d have to find a hotel. (It always used to be an hotel didn’t it? Does that still stand I wonder?)I’m scared to go to bed too early tonight in case I wake up at 2 again.

  3. Buffy rocks. I was so annoyed with SFX recently … watching the fourth (?) or was it fifth, I’ve lost track now, series at lunchtime every day for ages, and was looking forward to the great finale of the show, when suddenly it stopped and went back to the third or fourth series again. Like it’s on continuous loop. They obviously hadn’t been able to afford the last series. I like Angel too. Much darker, and my god, Connor was soooo sexy and mad and dangerous. He really made the last few series for me. But Buffy was a more complex show overall, with a delightful mix of characters who really knew by the end where that show was ‘at’. And Spike. Well, I’d sleep with him. Every day and any number of times on Sunday!Embarrassed now. ;o

  4. Hi Jane. How frustrating that they missed out the finale. I’m lucky that my brother has bought me the whole lot over the years (It makes for very easy Xmas/birthday gifting for him.)I love Lorne in Angel, he’s like a green Barry Manilow, which I think is funny and splendid. I never liked Connor that much (sorry!) And Angel, the vampire who never ages, except, oops, he visibly does get much older and fatter over the series! Thanks for stopping by.

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