Whooo hoooo Tania Hershman!

Today see’s the publication of “The White Road and Other Stories” by Tania Hershman. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading it yet, but I have read quite a few of her stories before, so feel confident in recommending you check them out.

Tania’s website is here, and she has set up one for the book too, here.

I am very much looking forward to getting this collection. (Drums fingers a little impatiently.)

Whooo hoooo Tania, you go girl!

3 thoughts on “Whooo hoooo Tania Hershman!”

  1. Thanks so much for my very own Whooo hoooo! That’s totally wonderful. And all those links. I’m drumming my fingers too…. it’s supposed to be on it’s way (chews cuticle anxiously). Actually, as my wise friend Nik said, I didn’t need to see it today for it be a really fantastic day. Surprising, but true.Sara – your review copy should be on it’s way, let me know when it comes.

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