John who?

When a customer asks for John Carrawack I should know they mean Jack Kerouac right?
And Margaret Stoppard is of course Miriam. Tori turned out to be Torey. Sink is Schlink.
I couldn’t think who the reclusive Irish woman who died was, but I did know “The kite book”, “Something with a sun in the title”, “The diary of Miss Jones”, “the Indian woman who wrote a novel that is a film” and lots more.
Sheez, another super sleuth Saturday in the bookstore.

2 thoughts on “John who?”

  1. I have started working in a bookshop recently, the Amnesty one in the lanes. We don’t get many stupid questions at all, although I did get one “trilogy of books with a writer that sounds Japanese”. Apparently she’d been in before and the person in the shop that time had actually known what it was, but she’d forgotten.

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