Christmas customers part II.

Work was really shit today. Relentless and tedious and full of rude people barking words at me like:
‘TV magicians.’
Usually at Christmas time there is an energy, a buzz that comes from the busyness, and people smile and are a wee bit chatty and cheery. Not this year. So many grumpy people.

‘My girlfriend likes books, I dunno, she likes romance, what shall I get her?’
‘My mum likes Catherine Cookson, what’s like that?’
‘My dad likes historical fiction, what have you got?’
‘My mate loves Dan Brown, what’s similar?’
‘Have you got Kerry Katona’s biography?’
And so I dutifully fetch them whatever utter shite it is that they think their loved one wants, and they snatch it up and leave, and I sigh and wish that people read what I want them to!
Actually, there was a quote in Time Out this week from a chef, and he said something like ‘Good taste is not subjective, it’s what I have’, and it made me chuckle, because yeah, actually, me too! 🙂

1 thought on “Christmas customers part II.”

  1. Sorry to read about your difficult customers. I wish you a good Christmas. If only it was practical to visit your branch, and be a nice customer. Perhaps one day I shall.In the meantime, I shall continue to enjoy you posts, your reviews at Tatiana’s, and your short stories.

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