This was my Saturday.

A man jabbered at my computer screen in the book shop yesterday:
‘Your computer does not work,’ he shouted as he walked away. This was the first I had seen of him, I smiled.
‘Can I help you?”
‘Your computers don’t work,’ he repeated.
‘Oh? What’s wrong?’
‘They say you have 4 copies of a book but it’s not on the shelf. I phoned and checked that you had the book and was told you had 4 copies. They aren’t on the shelf.’
‘ Did you get an assistant to check for you?’
‘I haven’t got time. I made a special trip here and I’m badly parked.’
‘What is the book? Let me…’
He was gone, down the stairs, shouting about how crap the shop was.

A man who smelt like pooh spent the morning sitting in a chair, browsing books. I wondered if it were a legitimate reason for calling our security guard.
‘Hey, this guy smells shitty, can he be arrested?’
I decided that actually, no, it isn’t an offence!

I spent the day keeping a migraine at bay, taking double strength Ibuprofen and trying to ignore the fact that I was feeling over heated, clammy and queasy.

Waterstone’s has launched a loyalty card. When a customer makes a purchase we swipe the card through the till and points get added which can be used against purchases in the future. Students get 10 percent off at the moment too. The leaflets are displayed at the till points, and many customers are delighted by the idea. But some think that we want to suck their very souls from their body and sell them to Satan. Or something.
A student asked me about the card and discount, I explained, she took the form and began filling it out, and then her mother swooped upon her screeching ‘What are you doing? It’s not worth it? Don’t let them have your details, they want your details.”
The mother then gave me a disgusted look.
Grrr argh etcetera.

An old man came to collect a reserved book, but refused to give his details so that I could complete the requisite paperwork.

Someone asked for a true story about a criminal, that’s pretty much all they knew about the book they had been recommended, so I referred them to the true crime section, but no, it turns out the book is in fiction, so therefore is not true! Which I pointed out when they told me I had got it wrong, but they wouldn’t believe me, even when I showed them the back of the book which said it was literary fiction.

The trains weren’t running so it took me from 7.45 a.m until 9.45 a.m to get door to door. The bouncy replacement bus didn’t help my nausea any as it took an hour and 40 minutes to go where the train does in 40 minutes. I was dreading the journey home, but the bus driver winked and said he wanted to get back fast for his dinner, and he did! I think he was almost as fast as the train.

I did buy a fabulous woolly hat in my lunch break though, so not all bad!

5 thoughts on “This was my Saturday.”

  1. Funny but I always thought that working in a bookshop would be a heavenly job, surrounded by erudite, literary book-lovers, chatting intelligently. I now see that I am wrong! At least you got a fabulous hat, hope that helped with the migraine.

  2. Tania…yup, I thought that too! And sometimes it is, but they are rare and happy times.Kirsty – Migraine is gone, thanks. It was a horrid day though.

  3. I am sorry that you seem to be plagued by unpleasant customers. Unfortunately, your branch is too far away for me to come and smile at you and be civil and polite. So, the next time I go into my local branch, I shall be extra polite, civil and nice to the people who work there to make up for it.But, I agree: good news about the hat!

  4. I always used to feel sorry for the shop assistants at Boots who had to ask me if I had a loyalty card and now I’m one of those poor bastards. The annoying thing is that the card is one of the most generous offers of its type. Customers get more points than Nectar and Tesco offer, so why do some people get so arsey? Can’t they see that I’m just trying to do my job AND give them a chance to save a few quid?

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